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As some of you may remember, Fly Fish TV began as a syndicated weekly TV series over twenty years ago.  As is the case for any tv series we went through several different incarnations over that years and we had a lot of fun and made many friends along the way.  We had some great sponsors that stuck with us through the thick and thin of it all and we would like to take this opportunity to graciously acknowledge them here.  Without their participation over the years, none of this would've been possible.


Clackacraft Drift Boats has support Fly Fish TV productions since we started doing TV shows and outdoor videos 20 years ago. They have been a great partner and we are proud to fish their boats. For over 30 years, ClackaCraft has been producing drift boats for Professional Fishing Guides and Anglers alike. Engineered to last a lifetime, our fiberglass drift boats are skillfully built by true craftsmen from state of the art materials and ever-evolving technology. Whether you fly fish or use gear and tackle, Clacka has a boat to fit your needs. www.clacka.com


St. Croix Rod sponsored the Fly Fish TV shows over the years, and more recently Kelly Galloup’s Advanced Streamer and High Sticking Videos. They have been a joy to work with. It is a rare thing   to find a big company whose word is as good as gold, with products of equal value. When you set out to uncover what makes a St. Croix different from other rods, you need look no further than the engineer sitting right beside the rod designer. It’s a partnership that’s produced such breakthroughs as St. Croix’s exclusive Integrated Poly Curve® and Advanced Reinforcing Technology.™ Rod performance is only as good as the design behind it – and rest assured, before we even think about sending a rod through for production, we make sure we spend as much time as necessary in the design department to assure that every St. Croix rod is engineered and developed to outperform all others. www.stcroixrods.com


Simms is a giant in fly fishing and everyone has knocked on their door asking for support. We have been no exception, and to our delight and their credit they have been a great partner; sponsoring our
TV shows in the past and providing support for our instructional videos now. Wherever you fish, you're going to find fishing guides. And wherever you find fishing guides, you're going to find Simms. Guides need gear that is functional, innovative and can withstand whatever abuse they put it through. What does that mean for someone who's not a professional guide? Anything that's designed to meet the performance needs of guides is gear you can count on. Simms. The choice of professional guides. And anyone else who lives to fish. www.simmsfishing.com


Though a huge company, Scientific Anglers, has taken an interest in our little production company and supported our TV shows and our Instructional Videos efforts. There lines have made our job of catching fish on video much easier. This from their website:”Throughout our 60 year history, Scientific Anglers has consistently set the standard in premier fly-fishing. From inventing the contemporary floating fly line more than 50 years ago to our specialty core construction and patented AST and Sharkskin technologies we continue to transform and modernize the sport.  Our angling scientists and design team work in partnership with fly-fishing legends to develop cutting-edge technologies and ultimate fly line designs to boost your fly-fishing experience to the extreme.” www.scientificanglers.com


Frank Amato Publications, like our other sponsors, have been with us from the start. They have been on our shows and contributed to a variety of our video production. Flyfishing & Tying Journal has been generous in their support and the family run business close to our home waters has done much to help Fly Fish TV. Located in Portland, Oregon, Frank Amato has been accommodating outdoor readers for over 40 years. He says: “Probably had there been no Roderick Haig-Brown there would be no Salmon Trout Steelheader, no Flyfishing & Tying Journal and none of the 500-plus fishing books we have published. His ideas in his many books inspired my fishing, my imagination and my desire to change fishing regulations and other management tools to protect the fish firstly and satisfy anglers secondly; for without the beautiful fish we are nothing.” www.amatobooks.com